Thursday, January 14, 2010

Yet Again

Strange Words. Clouded Thoughts.
The world changes - yet again?

eMpTy Feelings. Weird Emotions.
My stomach churns - yet again.

Umpteen Hopes. Undying Aspirations.
Going to move on - yet again.

Perennial Passion. Zillion Dreams.
Make it happen - yet again.

Better life. Crystal Vision.
Time to break free - yet again!

Profuse Gratitude. Sincere Prayers.
Lord guide me - yet again...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Carpe Diem

Why do I wait? Stay up all night, worry all day?
Endlessly wonder when this motherfucking misery will end?
Oh why must sly ol' fate take its own sweet time?

It's tough traveling on a thorny road to nowhere,
And I lose the faith. Get sucked into to a spiraling pit of despair.
And yet I know, Lady Luck smiles only when she cares.

Now I am sure my dreams will prematurely die,
And my mood turn a darker shade of gray and anguish,
My soul is bitter. I curse the Lord, damn He's so unfair!

I blame my family, snap at friends - blinded by misdirected rage.
'All is well' is the latest fad; I chant and hope, yet I feel sad.
The problem is within, but I can't escape my my free-falling state.

They say soldier on, but how can you do that
When you're scared each moment, crying out for a one bloody reprieve!
I cut myself off from the world - fuck you,! At least I can brood in peace.

Now wait a minute, time stop the self-pity,'tis but natural anxiety.
And then it dawns on me, once my tears run dry,
All I need to do is to never give up, not go down without a try!

I'll put in my hours, do my time; thank God, not forget to smile.
For my time is now, and they can't control my heart and mind.
Why curse the world when I am the master of my soul?

My head is reeling, but I can see clearer now,
I captain my fate and faith - I know I've got my cure.
And my old friend victory will soon come knocking on my door.


Another attempt at poetry, for better or for verse!