Monday, May 30, 2011 || Great Ads go Viral

Here is my ad concept for the brand new competition on called “Get Ads go Viral” - as always, I would love your feedback and please do click on the ads to vote!

Introduction: Great ideas are infectious. Great ideas are the kind that hit you when you’re not looking, and then stick around to hit everyone you know as well. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have become breeding grounds for great ideas, providing a platform for sharing ideas, opinions and lots more. We believe that any idea, no matter what it’s about, can be spread through these sites.

The Brief: Have a great idea? Turn it into a simple, easy-to-understand advertisement, and promote it on your social network. (E.g.: Turn your cure for corruption into a print ad. Or shoot your solution for preventing suicides as a video ad. Have an idea about healthy living? Make an ad about it and share it with your friends.)

This isn’t just a competition about what you’re advertising. It’s about making your idea so infectious, everyone wants to share it.

Here is my Ad: The most precious resource that we have is time. Little wonder then that this is what is most required to make our world a better place! There are innumerable bodies and organisations that are or at least attempting to make a difference... philantrophy is not the bastion of the ultra-rich like M/s Gates or Tatas - that's because money is not the scarce commodity here... what we need is to share our time by Volunteering. It will enrich us all. This is what the ad tries to convey.