Friday, August 8, 2008

IMC Journal | Part 2

A lot of water has flown in the IMC class since my last journal entry - the topic zeroed in for our campaign is "Incredible India" and our job is to come up with a better one! Enjoying myself as the 'CEO' of my group - coordinating with everyone and brainstorming... hope to give this one a real good shot.


Our campaign dissection of Rang De Basanti is also done... will post it here as soon as we submit it to Sir.


Last class was interesting since we collectively dissected 2 very different campaigns in the class using the framework of the 3Cs and the 6M model.

The first campaign that we dissected was the corporate campaign of Tata Steel circa 2000 titled "A Century of Trust"... the subliminal messages addressing the erstwhile scenario in which the company opened my eyes to a whole new dimension of marketing communication. (You can have a dekko of all the Tata ads over the years at this link: - bottomline: the message that the ad sent out was "we are a century old young brand" aimed at all the stakeholders of the colossal conglomerate.

I enjoyed the other advertisement even more - it was an ad featuring Madonna and Clive Owen (that's right boys and girls, something for everyone here :P) made by the celebrated British director (and Madonnaji's pati parameshwar), Guy Richie. This advertisement was a part of 7 ad films made to promote the BMW M5 (sexy car). The ad film was quite long and seemed self indulgent at the start but was effective in communicating the message (that this was a "fun" car to drive) to the target audience. The M5 was a new product targetted at an existing market.
(Take some time to see the video of the ad at - I guarentee that you wont regret it).

This week we would be comparing the ad messages of Coke, Pantene and McDonald's in India and Abroad - and the evolution of the messages of these brands in India over the years. Sounds good to me...