Friday, July 17, 2009

Chetan Bhagat is the culprit...

It all began when I read Five Point Someone. It was hilarious. And it made me feel, I can be a writer too. After all, it's not a bad life when you can speak your mind and make money too. Then every now and then I would flirt with the idea of writing my own book. I even came up with a Prologue. Have a look and let me know if you want to read any more...



This has been a long time coming. Sitting on the pavement with Gordon Gekko’s words still ringing in my ears: “Greed is good”. I still believe him. Even though I am sitting in the muck - stark naked, nearly dead and hopelessly screwed – I still believe greed is good. Yeh dil mangey more; it must! It is this unquenchable thirst that has kept us progressing and evolving. The primal law of nature governs the survival of the fittest. It is the greed to survive that saves those who live to see another day. Those who are satiated die a slow horrid death… the death of a victim. I am a warrior. The ride to hell was worth it.

It starts drizzling here in Sankat City. Danny Boyle can scout this location for his sequel. The mice flee to their dark holes. The street dogs howl a hasty retreat. The last two brave urchins on the road shiver under tattered plastic sheet. Even the cockroaches, who have kept me company for the last couple of hours, instantaneously disappear into the unknown crevices. The putrid stench that has been polluting my lungs seems to have got worse with the rains. My lifeless soul doesn’t stir. I welcome the clear droplets and pray for the first time in years. I ask for a divine cleansing and an act of benevolence. I decide to confess my sins to the Lord.