Saturday, February 19, 2011 || Earth Care Awards 2011

Here are my ad concepts for the brand new competition on called  “The Earth Care Awards 2011” - as always, I would love your feedback and please do vote for the ads...

Introduction: Saving the environment is a task that cannot be done just by one person, one organisation or even one country. But it takes the efforts of individuals to prove that it’s possible—-that the effort of just one person can change the minds of a group of people, that the effort of a group of people can affect the actions of an organisation and so on. And while this domino effect will eventually make conservation a global phenomenon, it’s important to remember that this starts with the effort of an individual.

The Earth Care Awards 2011 has been brought into existence to celebrate the efforts of individuals, to recognise and appreciate their contribution to the environment. Go Green India is calling for ads from you to promote the Earth Care Awards 2011, which will be held on 9 September 2011.
For more information, you can log on to

The Brief: Create an ad that establishes the purpose of the Earth Care Awards 2011. You have to promote: 1) the importance of saving the environment, and 2) the Earth Care Awards 2011.

My Ads: How we can make the planet a greener place is something that all of us know - whether it is by turning off the tap when we are brushing or switching off the lights when we are leaving a room - the question is: How many of us do our bit to make the world greener? When time is running out in our bid to conserve our world for the next generation, these ads conveys that the Earth Care Awards 2011 salutes those whose actions speak louder than words!

"Actions Speak Louder Than Words"

"Paint the town Green" 

 "Green World - 1"

  "Green World - 2"

Also, on the Go Green India site I found another cool competition running inviting designers to redesign their logos. These are my attempts to redesign the logo for JSW & Times of India Earth Care Awards. Sadly I can only upload one and ol' indecisive me can't decide which one to upload. Have a look and help! Check out this link:


Prizes are up for grabs. Best logos will win “Jury choice” and “Viewers choice” awards. Contest closes on 5th April 2011.