Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Gods of Sport

Cricket and Football are my favourite sports and this one is about two of my most favourite stars from

11/02/2009 12:00, Report by abhi_the_one

Blog: Gods of sport

United fan 'abhi_the_one' pays tribute to two great men at the top of their respective sports...

Being from India, I could not resist comparing the fabulous careers of Ryan Giggs and Sachin Tendulkar - the best ever players for United and Indian cricket respectively.

Both attracted attention in the early '90s, and their sheer longevity in their chosen sports commands respect.

Both are loved by sports fans throughout the world. Both superstars are still shining bright even in the twilight of their careers.

Tendulkar and Giggs are also both record breakers - Sachin has scored the highest number of runs in both tests and one-day internationals, while Ryan has made the highest number of appearances for United, he's won 10 league titles and has now scored in all seventeen Premier League seasons.

Their commitment has also garnered much respect, and they are both beginning a final flourish. A grand and teary farewell awaits them when they hang up their boots.

They have done so much for their teams over the years, I wouldn't hesitate to call them gods.

Take a bow, Ryan and Sachin!