Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Signs 1.0 - Mumbai

My Business Communication Prof would be proud of this one...
We've been told to crisp and clear in Communication.
This sign outside a house on the Colaba Causeway is crystal.

This is actually a wall in an office (nautanki tv) in Versova.
Had gone here to interview for a corporate project.
Wish they called me when they did this to their lobby...
would have been happy to vandalize! Heck, they might have paid me too...!

This one is just outside the St. Joseph's Church in Juhu Market.
The tag line is well, err... threatening, isn't it?
I always trusted Amul. But I am not sure anymore with it being the "last word in curd" ?
PS - Couldn't have placed the ad better though... last words just outside a church :)

This one is "ashleel" to say the least. How dare the Juhu Chowpatty Barista ask its patrons to get naked with them :) ? Who'll save our Indian culture now!?

Ok so I bumped this one off a friend but it's priceless.
This was taken on 20th Jan 2009 at Mumbai airport - a day after Raju confessed to Satyam, Sharam, Scandalam... now India Inc. is truly global with our very own Enron. Jai ho!