Saturday, March 12, 2011 || Creative Colours

Here are my ad concepts for the brand new competition on called  “Creative Colours” - as always, I would love your feedback and please do click on the ads to vote!

Introduction: Holi is always a great festival to celebrate, especially because of all the colours around you. But we’d like to make your Holi a little bit happier this year, so we’re offering exclusive BrandPotion goodies for the best uses of colour in advertising.

The Brief: Create a print ad on Holi that uses colour creatively and effectively. Show the true spirit of Holi through your work.

Here are my Ads: 

Colours of India
Without a shadow of a doubt, India is bursting with colours in every nook and cranny... as if every moment is a visual for the old Jensen & Nicholson ad - whenever you see colour, think of us". Holi is the logical extension of that myriad melee of colours - a celebration that spans the length and breadth of the country. This ad tries to depict the real colours of India that the nation celebrates every Holi.

True Colours
This ad tries to depict the true colours of India comes to forefront every Holi. Perhaps, the layers of colour that masks the faces of revelers perhaps masks the differences that divides the nation on other days of the year...


Colours Unite 
Colour divides the world. The festival of Colours bring us together.