Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The 60 Second Puja Parikrama - Mumbai 2010

Well, you can take the Bong out of Calcutta but come Pujos, you will never be able to take Calcutta out of the Bong.

In true Bong spirit and tradition, despite office and no chuti, I dragged some friends out Pandal hopping and we managed to visit 20 of a total of (reported) 91 Pujos held across the Maximum City - most of them by googling them up - I would love it if someone could help me with directions of some more Pujos. So please share the directions / locations of some of the ones I missed. Also, in case you want directions to any of these Pujos / hook up with me for going Pandal hopping next year, do drop me a line...

Here are my ratings:
# Best Pandal: 1. Powai 2. Chembur
# Best Protima: 1. Powai 2. Chembur
# Best Ambience: Vashi Sector 1, Vashi Sector 16 (hey I heard KK sing) and Ramkrishna Mission
# Best Lighting: Nerul
# Best Food: Mukherjee Caterers Bandra
# Best Glam: Tie between Rani Mukerjee's and Abhijeet's Puja
# Best Crowd: Tejpal Hall / Lokhandwala / DN Nagar
# Best Pujo program on the Telly: Pujo Parikrama and Dadagiri on Zee Bangla!
# Best Recommendation: From my boss to visit the Powai Puja!
# Best Company: All of my friends who made up for not having family around this Pujos - thanks guys!

Till next year then, bolo bolo Durga Ma ki... JAI!
Pujo 2010
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