Monday, October 18, 2010

Creative Passion

After a hectic Pujo weekend, today I was down with fever and cold. Terrible thing really on a Monday morning, just when I was looking forward to going to work (honest!). Anyway, this afforded me the chance to log on to FB during the day and I say this post by

It got me thinking. Here's what I came up with:

The one "Creative" thing that I am passionate about is "Designing" - it could be just about anything... from sending out customized birthday wishes on email to office powerpoint presentations, from doodling font faces to making ads for Brandpotion, from making photo collages for friends and family to designing a book cover or cutting a CD for a friend with a customized CD cover - designing stuff gives me my kicks. For me God is in the detail. Designing need not always be cutting edge - for instance, one of the things I am proudest of designing, is a table lamp I made from an old plastic bottle... 

I simply love all things creative - photography, writing (short stories, poetry), blogging, painting... just the sheer pleasure of creating something from scratch is something that I am most passionate about! They say necessity is the mother of invention... I would rather say creativity is the mother of invention and source of pure joy and satisfaction!