Tuesday, November 17, 2009

BSC: A tale of shoes, degrees and strategy!

Back in the day, BSC meant shoes - yes I am getting on and have walked the earth for many moons - but honestly anyone who grew up in the stiflingly socialistic unliberalised eighties will remember the white keds (or PT shoes) made by BSC (Bata Shoe Company) that you had to "polish" with chalk or else risk getting your ears boxed by your fat-ass PT teacher!

As one grew up and it was time to bid adieu to school, BSC was a degree that 'losers' who did not qualify for Engineering studied - of course before my time, BSC was a perfectly honourable graduation course to opt for - and one could specialise in sciences from zoology to physics! It is another story that in "competitive" exams, today's engineering hopefuls with telephone number ranks also get admission into an engineering course and go on to become engineers... perhaps on their way to becoming MBAs?

Anyway while we are on the subject on MBA, I must delve into how MBA changed my perspective for life... ignorance is bliss? Alas no more! For it was MBA that (regrettably?) introduced me BSC in a whole light - the demon called Balanced ScoreCard , "a performance management tool for measuring whether the smaller-scale operational activities of a company are aligned with its larger-scale objectives in terms of vision and strategy!" (Say What!?)

The demon has now come back to haunt me at work... must be karma for sleeping in class each time the professor droned on the subject! Damn you Kaplan & Norton...

Anyway here is an insider's take on strategy, vision, mission, goals, et all... enjoy! (My way of exorcising the demon... God Bless Scott Adams!)

Just so you know, Acronymfinder.com has 158 definitions of BSC - check it out here!