Monday, November 23, 2009

The View from Wimpy's @ Churchgate

Living in Mumbai means matching its frenetic pace. Everyone's in a hurry all the time - paisa time aur time paisa. So if one has the time to sit down at a fast food joint to blog and sip cold coffee, you know he's not from town! Well actually 'town' in Mumbai's context would refer to SoBo or South Bombay... in that context I am not from town. I live in a PG in the 'burbs like millions others who have come here to eke out a livelihood. The situation is not much different from the eighties movies which had a classic scene showing a fresh-off-the-boat ... err, train hero with his steel trunk and holdall looking around, awestruck with the buzz that greets him. Hassled and harrowed, our intrepid hero is engulfed by the big bad city - much like me.

Anyway back to Churchgate. The clock has just struck eight but the crowds are far from thin and if I don't shutdown and run, I'll miss my 8:03 Borivili fast local!