Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ami Brishti Dekhechi...

Kolkata has been experiencing unseasonal heavy showers in the past couple of weeks interspersed with wicked bouts of scorching heat... blame it on global warming or what have you, but it's bad news for the Pujas (especially the artisans of Kumartuli) if they chaotic climate continues...

But I love Kolkata in the rains. There's something theraputic about a good song and a drive in the rain - it does wonders to a man's jangling nerves and his frayed soul - especially if it is an old favourite by Anjan Dutta...

ami brishti dekhechi
brishtir chobi ekechi
ami rode pure ghure ghure onek kedechi
amar akaash kushum shopno dekhar khela thameni
shudhu tumi chole jabe ami shopneo bhabini

charte dewal manei noyto ghor
nijer ghoreo onek manush por
kokhon kisher taneo manush
pay je khuje bachar mane
jhapsha chokhe dekha ei shohor

ami onek bhenge chure abar shuru korechi
abar pawar ashae ghure morechi
ami onek here giyeo harta shikar korini
shudhu tomae harabo ami shopneo bhabini
ami brishti dekhechi

hariye geche tortaja shomoy
hariye jete koreni amar bhoy
kokhon kisher taane manush
payje khuje bachar maane
jhapsha chokhe dekha ei shohor

ami onek shrote boye giye onek thokechi
ami agoon theke theke shikhe onek purechi
ami onek koshte onek kichui dite shikhechi
shudhu tomay biday dite hobe shopneo bhabini

ami brishti dekhechi
ami brishti dekhechi
ami brishti dekhechi

Here are a few shots...

The Maidans

Red Road

The Vidyasagar Setu

Lake Market

No chance for any cricket in this weather...

...but the horsing around @ the CAB HQ doesn't stop, does it?

The weather's perfect for some football...
(The globalisation of the game is complete,
as the United Billboard on the bridge
5 mins from my house proves!)
Glory Glory Man Utd.