Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Enter Sandman

Nope I am not referring to the Metallica classic (that one is one of my favourites though...)

Meet Sudarsan Patnaik, who has pioneered the genre of sand sculpting in the tourists’ and pilgrims’ paradise (just ask us Bong tourists) of Puri in the state of Orissa on the eastern coast of India. Patnaik has so far participated in more than 37 international sand sculpture championships across the world and has won many laurels for the nation.

Quite fond of sending messages for world peace and harmony through his art, any major national and international incident inspires him to appeal to the people - quite literally blogging in the sands of time... (and I thought I was enjoying myself on blogspot) - Have a look:

From patriotic messages...

... and Social Messages about a host of
issues threatening the world -
covering everything from Aids to Swine Flu...

... to Barack "Yes We Can" Obama
Click on the above link to see the "Yes We Can!" Video

(BTW speaking of Swine Flu, you must have heard this one:
100 years ago, they said that when a black man
becomes president, pigs would fly.
And on the 100th day of Obama's presidency… Guess what?
Swine Flu!!!

From reminding us of the troubled times we live in...

... to political commentary,

and rooting for non-cricket sports, he does it all...

But I think he saves his best for his cultural showpieces,
keeping in the rich heritage of Kalinga...

... and it seems like he is the romantic sort
with a special fondness for the Taj!

The above photo is my personal favourite where he cleverly
mixing his roots and a pressing social message!

Such a talent must be nurtured... and he is doing just that - he has a succession plan (pardon the MBA jargon) in place - his Golden Sand Art Institute (the world's first Sand Park) has produced 75 students, including those from Britain, the US, Germany and Italy.

As a student of marketing, I think here's an opportunity waiting to be tapped - imagine the innovative statement his art form could make for a brand - remember my post on Julian Beever? Maybe some shrewd Indian marketer will make his move soon... :)

Greenpeace already has the first mover advantage when it used his talent to 'market' a message...